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  • Adventure Series runs all the comforts of a high-tech home in the middle of nowhere

    myCharge is electrifying the outdoors with the introduction of its new Adventure series chargers. The Adventure series ranges from chargers that can easily be carried in a pocket or attached to a backpack with the built-in carabineer to a heavy-hitter that can run televisions and charge laptops and drones. This new series of portable battery chargers designed for use in the outdoors is debuting at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2017 at booth PV2019.

    The AdventureUltra is myCharge’s largest battery bank with the highest power output. Designed to replace the heavy and bulky generators used when tailgating or camping, the AdventureUltra is a more streamlined power source option that can run a 42-inch television for up to three hours. The compact device weighs 1.05 pounds and measures just 1.2 X 5.8 X 4.1 inches. The AdventureUltra has a maximum power output of 45 watts, enough to run a fan or recharge a drone battery. It can also be used with 2 in 1 laptops and new laptops, such as the 12-inch Macbook, that require less than 45 watts either when powered off and solely charging or when powered on and charging simultaneously.

    Pack-sized chargers for smartphones, tablets and other small gadgets are also available in the new Adventure series. Capable of storing between 3350 and 1o,050 mAh of power, these chargers feature a built-in carabineer and can be connected to devices using any smart watch, digital camera, phone, or tablet cable. Tough yet easily portable the line includes the: blue AdventureMini has one USB port (3350 mAh), while the orange AdventurePlus (6700 mAh) and grey AdventureMax (10050 mAh) feature two USB ports and can charge multiple devices at the same time.

    Adventure series battery chargers are encased inside an insulated and ruggedized exterior case with a flip lid that latches closed to seal off ports. The unique design of the Adventure chargers protects them from drops up to three meters. The insulation built into the case of the Adventure series chargers protects the batteries inside from extreme heat and cold guarding against degradation and a loss of power. And, when latched closed the Adventure chargers are also water-resistant.

    Now available at and Best Buy stores, the AdventureMini retails for $29.99 delivering up to 2X extra battery, the AdventurePlus for $39.99 (4X extra battery) and the AdventureMax is $49.99 (6X extra battery). Priced incredibly below the range of even the most affordable generators, the AdventureUltra can be purchased for $129.99.

    Meet with myCharge during Demo Day or at booth PV2019 during the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market show 2017.

    About myCharge

    myCharge, innovators in portable power create the ultimate portable power solutions for anyone, anywhere who needs to stay charged. Incorporating the highest quality components, cutting-edge design, and smart technologies, myCharge responds to the latest technological advances by providing products dedicated to restoring everyday balance and fulfilling consumer needs in today’s on-the-go, always connected, digital society. Learn more at  

    BYOC to the myCharge Power exChange at Summer Outdoor Retailer

    Swap worn out, old, cut-rate chargers for premium myCharge power accessories

    Long hours, long lines and few wall outlets make keeping a phone battery charged at Summer Outdoor Retailer a challenge. Instead of relying on a low price power bank purchased on impulse at a cash register to keep smartphones and tablets charged during the show, myCharge is inviting everyone to trade up. The myCharge Power exChange event will take place every day of Summer Outdoor Retailer at booth PV2019.

    BYOC (bring your old charger) of any make, model, age or condition to the myCharge booth during the exChange and myCharge will take that outdated model and upgrade it with a new myCharge power bank. myCharge power accessories can outperform and outlast many inferior brands due to the safety and performance designed into every charger.

    All myCharge products operate at 90% plus efficiency. Highly efficient, intelligent, integrated circuits outperform competitors with efficiency conversion as low as 70%. myCharge SmartSenseTM detects the connected device’s electronic signal to know exactly what maximum power can be delivered eliminating slow charging speeds or possible battery overload. Additionally, a dozen layers of SafeCellTM protection including an NTC thermometer, Level 1 Active Protection Controller, Level 2 Active Protection Controller and a PTC make myCharge portable chargers one of the safest choices. SafeCellTM not only helps prevent the battery from overheating and causing a fire, it also ensures against undercharge, overcharge, over current and short-circuit.

    All myCharge devices are also certified compliant with UL safety standards for wall prong integration and lithium ion battery pack/power banks. All products with Lighting tips are certified. And if safety was not a good enough reason to trade in an old charger for a myCharge, Power-Stay technology guarantees battery power retention for up to one year.

    “Many people think all portable battery chargers are created equal and make their purchasing decisions based on size, color and low price,” said Julie Pickens VP of Marketing for myCharge. “But, this simply is not true. The news this year has been filled with stories about exploding cheap batteries and some of those same batteries can be found in many people’s power banks. Our new exChange program eliminates any excuse for holding on to your cheap, inferior charger any longer because we are going to upgrade you for free!”

    Stop by the myCharge booth in the new exhibitor tent at PV2019 take part in the myCharge exChange program. And stay tuned for announcements about upcoming exChange events throughout 2017 by following myCharge on Instagram @myCharge or Twitter @myChargePower.


  • AdventureUltra
    The AdventureUltra is one of our largest battery banks and has the highest power output. Designed to replace the heavy and bulky generators used when tailgating or camping.The AdventureUltra has a maximum power output of 45 watts....

  • Battery Capacity: 13400mAh 

    Recharges Via: Included charging adapter 

    Compatibility: Small Laptops, 2 in 1 Laptop/Tablets, Tablets, Smartphones & USB Devices, Laptops w/ Power Adapters less than 45W*

    Charging Specifications: If laptop is on (open), the charger will run the laptop and charge its battery. If the laptop is off (closed), the charger powers just the laptop's battery.

    *The best way to know your device is compatible with the AdventureUltra is to review the technical specs of your device, the AdventureUltra can charge any item via the AC port up to 45 watts. In some cases, you may need to close the screen of your laptop to charge.


    1. Plug the device into the AC power output. 
    2. Press power button to turn on the AdventureUltra. 
    3. Press AC button (plug icon) until screen reads "ON" over the AC icon.
    4. Your device should power automatically!


    1. Plug the device into the USB-C port or one of the 2 USB-A ports. 
    2. Press power button to turn on the AdventureUltra. You should see "ON" over the USC icon.
    3. Your device should begin charging automatically! 

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