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Slidell,  LA 
United States
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 Our dispenser is the only flushable wipe dispenser that hangs on toilet paper holders. It's refillable, and features the most rapidly dispersing paper on the market, so customers save money.  Our all-natural solution and biodegradable material ensures that our products are good for the user and good for the Earth. We have three brands designed to meet everyone's needs; Bob's Butt Wipes is designed for the sporty outdoorsman, Boude Wipes are the perfect fit for every bathroom decor, and Lil' Booty's Adventure Wipes include stickers and tattoos to help promote good hygiene habits for children.  All of our dispensers fit on virtually every toilet paper holder without any additional hardware needed, and are easily refilled without removing the dispenser.  Our 42 count refill packs, one of which is included with each dispenser, provide continuing, consumable product purchases while maintaining a great value point for our customers.

Brands: We offer branded products (Bob's Butt Wipes, Boud'e Wipes, and Lil' Booty's Adventure Wipes), plus Private Label (store brands).


  • Bob's Butt Wipes/ BouD'e Wipes/ Adventure Wipes
    Sterling Global Products, LLC proudly introduces our newly redesigned product lines featuring all-natural, 100% biodegradable and Eco-friendly, flushable multi-purpose wipes, that’s safe for the sewer and septic tanks....

  •    Tired of visiting the GREAT outdoors and feeling unclean in during your stay? Bob’s butt wipes is here to the rescue making your stay more enjoyable by keeping you clean in every way no matter what dirty situations you’re in. ALL OUR WIPES are all natural and BIODEGRADABLE so you can just leave under a rock or bury them. Also giving you the options from single to multi- wipe packaging even an on-the-go for anyone who needs to grab and go. In addition to our butt wipes, we also have an all- natural insect wipe made with essential plant OIL keeping those little critters away. Don’t worry even if you have sensitive skin, our feminine multipurpose wipes is made just for you and great at removing makeup or one the go needs.

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