July 26 - 29, 2017
Salt Lake City, UT

Demo Experience
July 25, 2017

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Exhibitor List Index

Hobie 30001E
Survival Medical, LLC BR301
UST Brands 24037
12 Survivors 39072
32 Degrees 36167
5.11 36191
8BPLUS 10038
ABMT Textiles 40051
ACA / Canoe-Kayak-SUP-Raft-Rescue 39081
Accent /Cannon Paddles 39078
Access Fund 3050
AceCamp & Munkees 3009
Achievetex Co., Ltd. 255-501
Acro-Gain Industrial Ltd. 251-313
ACT Lab BRL226
Action Sports Canopies BR300
Action Sports Canopies D204
Adidas Outdoor 1017
Ad-N-Art, Inc. BR806
Advanced Elements 34093
Adventure Medical Kits 5017
Aetrex Worldwide 32179
AFTCO Clothing PV2137
AfterShokz PV2022
AGS Brands 12
AGT International Co., Ltd. 251-315
Ahm Climbing PV1098
Air Box Co., Ltd. 38160
Aire, Inc. 34051
Airhead Sports Group / Airhead SUP D370
AirheadSUP - Sportsstuff - Dry Pak (Kwik Tek) 39125
Aladdin, a brand of PMI 13009
Alchemi Labs PV1011
Alegria Shoes 32176
All Good BR417
All Magic Sports Co., Ltd. 251-215
Allett 21
ALLIED Feather & Down 155-407
Aloe Up 132
Alpine Innovations BR410
ALPS Mountaineering 80
Alternative VO2370
Altra Footwear 35169
Aluminati Boards VO2052
Alvantor Industry Co., Ltd. PV2308
Amaterrace Inc. MR254A
American Alpine Club 1049
American Backcountry 32068
American Del Advantage 38111
American Express OPEN BRL217
American Hiking Society A-108
American Trail Running Association 31201W
Amfit, Inc. 29171W
Anhui Arctic Outdoor Goods Co., Ltd. 155-122
Anhui Garments Import & Export Co., Ltd. 355-104
Anita active BR440
Anji International BR412
Anovotek LLC 29195W
Ant Hill Retail PV1108
AO Coolers 38119
Aparso (Fujian) Sportswear Co., Ltd. 29175W
Apex Textile Co., Ltd. 155-100
Apparel Strategic Alliances, LLC PV2209
Aqua Lily Products, LLC 39077
Aqua Marina 39156
Aqua Sphere 38086
Aqua Sports Co., Ltd. PV1295
Aquamira and Geigerrig BR447
AquaTech PV1234
Arcade Belt Co. VO2046
Ariat International 34127
Asana Climbing 4036
ASF Group 155-405
Asolo 10041
Association of Outdoor Recreation & Education A-118
Astral 38104
Astral D405
Athletic Event Supply PV1251
AustriAlpin 3035
Aventura & Ecoths 31041E
b4Adventure - Slackers BR347
Backpacker Magazine 22050
Backpacker's Pantry 17037
Baffin, Inc. 34162
Baiksan Co., Ltd. 355-218
Baiksan Co., Ltd. 355-218
Balega 32112
Balluck Outdoor Gear Corp. 167
Balluck Outdoor Gear Corp. 40195
Bambu VO2060
Barebones Living BR709
Be Hippy PV2337
Beal 10007
Bearpaw 32153
Bellmart Industrial Co. (Great King Group) 40056
Bellyak D410
Bellyak, Inc. 38157
Benchmade Knife Company 26044
Berne Apparel Company PV2315
Bertucci Watches 104
Best Pacific Textile(Hong Kong) Ltd. 255-107
Bestrident, Ltd. 39153
Bestway USA Inc. 40149
Beyond Clothing 36194
BIC Sport 35101
BIC Sport D394
Big Agnes 8043
Big Frig Coolers PV1238
Big Hairy Dog Information Systems-Retail Pro 121
Big Joe PV1131
Big Kat Buggy PV1125
Bimini Bay Outfitters 31037E
BioLite BR434
Birkenstock USA 32182
Bison Coolers PV1139
Bison Designs, LLC 18
Bixpy 32072
Bixpy D409
Bizzy Coffee BR841
Black Diamond Equipment 6005
Blackfire BR443
Blackwing VO2344
BloqUV PV2110
Blowfish Malibu 30141W
Blue Freedom PV1068
Blue Ice North America 8036
Blue Planet Eyewear VO2358
Blue Ridge Chair Works BR324
Blue Ridge Knives 11
bluesign technologies ag 155-401
BlueWater Ropes 5027
Boa Technology BRL219
Body Glove 35087
Body Glove D376
Boker USA BR439
Bolero Ca BR732
Bolger & O'Hearn, Inc. 40051
Bolle' 16041
Bonafide Kayaks 38161
Bonafide Kayaks D401
Bondi Band BR345
Boogie Board eWriters PV1248
Boreal USA 2045
Born Shoes 32113
Boston Leather PV2201
BOTE 38133
Boton Outdoor Products PV1055
Boulder Denim VO2088
Boy Scouts of America A-102
Brainstorm Products PV1150
Bramble VO2076
Braven Audio VO2353
Brewer's Lantern PV2322
Bridgford Ready to Eat Sandwiches BR641
Bright Show International, Ltd. 155-128
Brightz, Ltd. 154
Brilliant Reflective BR617
Bripe D205
Bristex Co., Ltd. 155-507
Bronwen Jewelry 25
Brooks Range Mountaineering 8053
Brooks Range Mountaineering 8051
Brookwood Companies, Inc. 39061
Browning Camping 72
Brunton 13013
BTR Co., Ltd. PV1069
Bubi Brand, LLC BR308
Buck Knives 14
BuckleGear PV1062
Buff, Inc. 21035
Bug Protector PV1043
BugBand, A Division of EES Inc. BR341
BugBand, A Division of EES, Inc. D358
BullFrog Sunscreen 39088
Burlington 149
Burlington MR150A
Burnie Grill 31
Bushnell 16041
Bushtec Adventure 39206
Butora, Inc. 5040
Cabana Life PV2303
Cache Lake Camping Foods BRL207
Calamai By Anificio Becagli Srl 39059
Camelbak Products 16027
Camp Chef 10000
Camp USA, Inc. 1041
Campfire Defender PV1212
Campfire Meals BR851
CampMaid BR423
Canada Goose 28037
Canyon Coolers PV1241
Carabiners Ind. Co., Ltd. 4032
Caravan Global 39167
Carbana D201
Carhartt 19013
Caribee Australia PV1034
Carol Textile Co., Ltd. 255-213
Carr Textile 155-504
Carve Designs 10001
Carvico S.P.A. 38033
Cascade Designs, Inc. 26015
Casio BR331
Casio / G-Shock / Pro Trek D223
Casitas 29115W
Cat Apparel BR431
Cat Footwear 30163W
Cataract Oars 32102
Cauldryn 16040
Cauldryn D234
CBF Labels, Inc. BR437
Cedar Ravine VO2048
Celliant 155-610
Centric Software 39057
Century Camping/Kay Home Products 5036
Century Heguang Technology Development (Beijing)Co., Ltd. MZ-232
CGEAR Sand Free 39085
Chaco 32136
Chainlon Alliance 255-501
Chamois Butt'r GoStik PV1240
Chang-Ho Fibre Corporation 39212
Changzhou Guolijian Tourist Products Co., Ltd. PV1093-1
Changzhou Meiguan Care Products Technology Co.,Ltd. MZ-212
Chaos / CTR Headwear and Accessories 141
Charming Fabrics 355-122
Chemours 155-400
Chenille Textiles Co., Ltd. 355-320
Chia Her Industrial Co., Ltd. 255-409
ChicoBag and To-Go Ware BR409
Chieftex Enterprise Co., Ltd. 253-105
Chien Sheng Machine Ind. Co., Ltd. 355-216
Chillaz North America 169
Chin Hsiang Shun Co., Ltd. 251-213
China-Qiaoyu 36216
Chippenhook- Vassi Design Group A-80
Choice Value PV1287
Chums-Beyond Coastal 31027E
Chyau Fu Paper Printing Co., Ltd. 251-113
CIEC Overseas Exhibition Co., Ltd. 155A
CiloGear 3051
Cirque Mountain Apparel 12050
Classic Alpaca PV2311
Clean Trails, LLC 38164
Cleanwaste BR335
Clif Bar & Co. 13027
Climb X Gear 3047
Co & Gi, Inc. PV1179
COAL Headwear VO2249
Coalatree, LLC VO2178
Coast Products 28045
Cobian Corp. 32124
Cobra / WASPcam BR721
Cocam Int'l Enterprises, Ltd. BR749
Cocoon by Design Salt 17009
Coghlan's 28001
Cognito Brands, Inc. 159
Coleman Company 24007
Columbia 28011
Columbia Packs and Equipment (Licensed by Outdoor Products) 21011
Compass 360 BR821
Concept III Textiles 40051
Cone Denim 151
Conner Hats BR634
Contempora Fabrics 41055
Cool & Dry Coolers PV2014
CoolCore BR427
Coolibar PV2204
CoolVisions® dyeable polypropylene by FiberVisions 155-301
Cordura® Brand Fabrics 39212
CORDURA® Fabrics 39212
Corkcicle VO2166
Cornell Lab of Ornithology A-120
Costa Sunglasses 34073
Costa Sunglasses D402
Costa Sunglasses D227
Cotopaxi VO2172
Cotton Incorporated 38037
Counter Assault Bear and Pepper Spray PV1042
Cova PV2236
Coville 62029
Coyote Eyewear USA 28053
Craghoppers 35159
Crazy Creek Products 21045
Creative Outdoor Distributor PV1020
Creek Kooler D385
Creekkooler Floating Cooler PV2023
Criteo 29187W
Croakies 23027
Croakies D236
Crocs 30157W
Cross Land Outdoor PV1265
Crown Trails Headwear PV2219
CSK Zipper 355-114
CTR (Chaos Thermal Regulation) 141
Cusa Tea, LLC BR631
Cutter Lyme Disease Tick Test PV1052
CWR Wholesale Distribution 35054
Cyberknit 38044
Cypher Climbing 10007
Da Fon International 355-321
Daehyun Textile Co., Ltd. 39212
Daehyun Textile Co., Ltd. 255-627
Daewoong Fnt. Co., Ltd. 255-631
Dakine 33059
Dakota Grizzly 22
Dakota Lithium BR534
Dakota Watch Company 33054
Dalian Eaglesight Corporation Limited PV1099
Danaque MZ-234
Danken Enterprise Co., Ltd. PV1185
Danner 34167
Dansko LLC 23037
Dansons Inc BR717
Darn Tough Vermont 32118
Datum PV2225
De Licacy Industrial Co., Ltd. 355-315
DEEJO Knife BR413
Deeper, UAB 40116
Deer Creek Fabrics, Inc. 62036
Dera Industries, LLC PV2036
Derwei Textile Co., Ltd. 251-116
Designer Textiles International Ltd. 155-311
Deuter USA, Inc. 4001
Dezhou Huayan Eco-Technology Co., Ltd. 255-601
Dezhou Huayan Eco-Technology Co., Ltd. 255-601
Dharma Bars - Food with Purpose BR730
Diamond Brand Gear 38157
Dickies 16042
Dinghui & Solar Camp PV1013
Dinghui & Solar Camp D209
DingZing Advanced Materials, Inc. 255-130
Disc-O-Bed Retail, Inc. 36203
Discraft Disc Sports PV1146
DM Fulfillment 30191W
Dock Blocks of North America 39122
Dock Blocks of North America D368
Dometic 40181
Dong A Webbing Co., Ltd. 255-519
Dong A Webbing Co., Ltd. 255-519
Dong Jin International 39212
Dongguan Chengcheng Caps and Bags Co., Ltd. MZ-220
Dongguan Diercon Technology Co., Ltd. 155-117
Dongguan Sunfire Industrial Co., Ltd. MZ-222
Donghwa Textile Co., Ltd. 255-616
Doughnut Bag VO2074
Down River Equipment 39117
Downlite 155-316
Dragon Times Zipper & Accessory Co., Ltd. 253-109
DrinkTanks BR320
drirelease/Optimer Brands 62030
DryGuy 32112
Drymax BR535
Dry-Tex Lamination Textile Co., Ltd. 40051
Ducksan MZ-128
Ducksan MZ-128
Duckworth VO2144, VO2045
Duer VO2260
Duluth Pack BR350
DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products 36037
DuPont™ Intexar™ Smart Clothing Technology 36037
DuPont™ Kevlar® 36037
DuPont™ Sorona® 36037
Duraflex 38059
Durango Dog Company PV2108
DYLN Inspired PV2126
Dynamic Discs BR445
Dyneema 41047, 41051, 41063
E. Textint Corp. 251-318
e.dye BRL208
E9 Urban and Climbing 4042
Eagle Creek 24017
Earth Shoes 32161
Eartheasy, Inc. 40187
Eastern Warmth Inc PV2307
Eastman Performance Fibers 155-501
ECCO 29151W
Eclat Textile Co., Ltd. 155-211
EcoVessel 18005
Ecoxgear BR305
Edelrid North America 3037
Edelweiss 10007
eGrips 5042
EK USA 32043
ElastiTag® - Bedford Industries 29193W
Ella International Co. 155-109
Emerson Knives, INC PV1009
Energizer 40177
ENO 14007
Enth Degree 39141
Epic Provisions VO2294
EPO Technology Co., Ltd. 155-317
Equip PV1105
Erictex Fashion Co., Ltd. 155-611
Esbit 40
Estwing Mfg. Co. PV1119
Euler Hermes 30190W
Eunsung Tex 255-313
Eureka! Camping / Jetboil 26027
Euromas (Argent Inn) Co., Ltd. PV1288
Eusebio Sporting Co., Ltd. 63
eVent Fabrics 155-305
Everest Textile Co., Ltd. 255-401
Evertex Fabrinology Limited 251-204
Evolv Sports and Designs 13033
Evolv Sports and Designs 13039
Excalibur DMM 3045
ExOfficio 12027
Exotac BR515
Exped 16032
Expert Brand 39183
Explore Scientific BR408
E-Z UP International 34139
FA International PV1279
FabricLink Network 155-632
Faherty VO2054
Falcon 23033
Far Eastern New Century Corporation 251-105
Farm To Feet BR315
Fashion + Function by Taiwan Textiles 355-219
Fashion Flying Group PV2205
FBM Global 355-119
Feetures! 36183
Feng Yi 41193
Fenix Lighting US 40179
Fiber & Yarn Products, Inc. 41037
Fidlock GmbH 255-104
Filson 8017
Finetex EnE 355-121
Finetex EnE 355-121
Firebuggz PV1037
FireFly by MAS Innovation BR816
First Flight Solutions 30196W
Fish Hippie PV2306
Fisher + Baker VO2380
Fitletic Sports 36187
Five Ten 1025
Five Woods PV2225
Fixe Hardware Inc 2051
Fjallraven 14013
Flat Seam Apparel Limited 250-207
Flexfit 38113
Flexlite PV1048
Flexport BRL222
FlipBelt 39084
FloatingShade.com D364
FloatingShade.com 32074
Flopeeze International USA Inc. 30123W
Flourishing Fanny Trading Co., Ltd. Zhangzhou MZ-224
FlowerHouse PV1021
Flowfold VO2078
Flying Tex Co., Ltd. MZ-132
Flylow Gear 16
Formex Manufacturing, Inc. "Uncharted Watercraft" 40120
Formosa Taffeta Co. 155-101
Forsake Inc 30119W
Fortune Textile Co., Ltd. 251-216
Foshan Leopard Sports Goods Co., Ltd. PV2335
Fox 40 USA 28052
Fox River Mills 30044E
Framis Italia SpA 40036
Free Country 38216
Freevision Vilta PV2005
Freudenberg Performance Materials 355-110
FrictionLabs 34
Frogg Toggs 8040
Frogskin Bags PV2007
Frost River 7
Fuelbelt, Inc. 32112
Fujian Changle Hanggang Textile Co., Ltd. 155-212
Fujian Quanzhou Huitong Safety & Protective Products Co., Ltd. 155-216
Full Color Co., Ltd. 251-211
Full Windsor VO2068
Fulltide Enterprise Co., Ltd. 251-104
Fusion Clothing PV2223
FUSION Entertainment 41175
Future Beach Leisure Products 36100
Fuzhou Tianshengjia Trading Co., Ltd. PV1093-4
G.B Light Co., Ltd. MZ-138
GAC Corp. 355-414
Garmin USA 19043
Gateway Trade Funding BRL229
Gator Sports BRL225
GCI Outdoor 13001
Gear Aid 28027
Gear Aid D226
Gearhalo PV2134
Geckobrands 39148
Generac 39086
General Machinery & Services, LLC MZ-145
Gerber Gear 21001
Gertex USA PV2319
Giant Knitting Co., Ltd 41061
Gibbon Slacklines 10007
Glacier Glove 130
Glerups 31176W
Global Beauty PV1018
Global Merino MR151A
Glowtex Co., Ltd. 251-110
Goal Zero BR601
Gobi Gear Inc PV1153
GoMacro BR630
GoMotion 32094
Good To-Go VO2062
GoPro, Inc. 34113
Gorilly Goods BR639
goTenna, Inc. BR531
GQ Tex Co., Ltd. 355-220
Grabber Inc./ Kobayashi.inc. 124
Gramicci 16018
Grand Textile Co., Ltd. 355-201
Grand Trunk 22001
Grandetex Development Co., Ltd. 255-100
Granite Gear LLC. 6037
Grassroots Outdoor Alliance MR151F
Grayl BR642
Great Outdoors USA A-101
Green Goo by Sierra Sage VO2069
Greenland Sales Corporation 34096
Gregory Mountain Products 12017
Grill Time BR646
Grip Pro Trainer 16051
Grip Socks 32062
Grip6 Belt Company PV2112
Gripmore Co., Ltd. 355-113
Grivel 10007
Gryphon Electronics Corp. PV1116
Gsd (HK) Trading & Service Limited 250-113
GSI Outdoors,Inc. 16017
Guangzhou Joyord Sportswear Co., Ltd MZ-214
H2X by Boelter Brands PV1074
Haiku 18015
Haining Huming Knitting Factory PV1188-3
Hammock Bliss BR827
Hang Ten Headwear and Accessories / Otto PV2222
Hangzhou Dawnjoint B&T Co., Ltd. MZ-228
Hangzhou Delicacy Textile Co., Ltd. 355-317
Hangzhou Eiger Holdings, Ltd. PV1188-6
Hans Global / Pacific Fly 145
Hansc & Co. 355-404
Hanz Extremity Wear 114
Happy Plastic Mfg. Co., Ltd. 355-303
Hari Mari VO2082
Harman International 155
HEAD Water Sports 38167
Heads Up PV1222
Headsweats 38179
HearthSong Wholesale 36217
Heat Factory USA 134
Helinox 8039
Helinox 8039
Helly Hansen 12041
Hemp Fortex Industries, Ltd. 38040
Hengtong International, Inc. PV2113
Hennessy Hammock 116
Her Shin Yih Fashion Co., Ltd. 355-412
Heroclip BR516
Herschel Supply Company VO2286
Hickory Brands, Inc. BR510
Hi-Dow International 96
High Hope Zhongtian Corporation PV1093-3
High Sierra 17041
High Wind Productions PV2215