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  • (Jul 09, 2018)


    Conner Hats is sustainable hat company that operates out of both St. Augustine, Florida and Byron Bay, Australia. A second-generation family run business, Conner Hats designs and manufactures high-quality hats made from sustainable materials (hemp, organic cotton, cruelty-free wool, recycled plastic bottles, organic raffia and more) using responsible business practices at a fair price. All of the paper used by the company is 100% recycled, the warehouse is run by 100% solar power, they use no single-use plastic, only non-toxic glue and environmentally-friendly dye techniques, carbon offset through tree planting and much more. Conner Hats is, without question, the most holistically sustainable hat manufacturer we know of. An extensive collection to explore, these hats offer a multitude of options for outdoor activities ranging from hiking to boating, fishing to gardening, surfing to camping and more. From the hand-crafted iconic Aussie styles that paved the way in shapeable brims to the variety of beautiful, functional styles built for life’s adventures, there is truly a hat (or three) for everyone. 


    “Responsibly Grown, Beautifully Made” is the Conner Hats slogan. The company is passionate about making hats in styles people love to wear, but not without following an unwavering mission to lighten their social and environmental footprint at every possible opportunity. Conner Hats strives to give the most transparent picture of how their business impacts the world via material sourcing, design, production, shipping and more. Some noteworthy examples include:

    • All of the paper they use, including office, hang tags, catalogs and P.O.P. materials are made from 100% recycled paper, and they recycle and reuse all cardboard boxes.

    • Solar power generates 100% of electric needs.

    • Besides a whole new line of hats made from recycled plastic bottles, they have stopped the use of single-use plastic connectors to connect their hang tags; using a biodegradable string instead.

    • They are currently switching to a 100% non-petroleum biodegradable poly bag to protect hats in the warehouse and shipping. This bag can be composted.

    • All of the dyes and paints used to color hat materials are third-party tested, nontoxic and lead-free.

    • Conner Hats offsets a percentage of their carbon footprint by planting and maintaining 2000 native hoop pines on their family owned property.

    • Their factory is a fume free zone, using only nontoxic glues in their manufacturing.


    Conner Hats uses mostly Australian and New Zealand-sourced raw materials, and they take the utmost care to maintain sustainable and nontoxic practices relative to their materials. Many of the sweatbands and linings are made from third party tested organic cotton and are AZO dye free. Hat materials include:

    • Cruelty Free Wool – Over 20 million Merino lambs are Mulesed in Australia each year. Mulesing is the removal of chunks of skin on the buttocks of the sheep to stop a disease called Flystrike. Conner Hats is hoping to educate people on this topic so that Australia might consider the alternatives to this cruel practice. See all Cruelty Free Wool Hats.

    • Organic Cotton – Third party tested to confirm OCS certified 100 and AZO free. See all organic cotton hats.

    • Hemp – Hemp has been used by sailors for hundreds of years but it wasn’t until the 80’s that a new process was created to make hemp into material for textiles. Conner Hats loves the look and feel of this natural material and plan on expanding their hat styles made from Hemp in the near future. See all hemp hats.

    • Leather – Tested to confirm no organic biocides, AZO dye-free, no prohibited metals, no flame retardants, formaldehyde-free, no chromium (VI). Conner Hats uses leather because it is exceptionally durable and products can last up to 40 years. See all leather hats.

    • Recycled Plastic – Fabric made specifically for Conner Hats that is light weight, UPF 50+ and waterproof. More importantly, it’s made from recycled plastic bottles, straws and other single use plastics. See all recycled plastic bottle hats.

    • Canvas – Conner Hats uses Australian made waterproof canvas and organic cotton canvas in many of their outdoor styled hats. This firm material is extremely durable and provides excellent sun protection. See all canvas hats.

    • Oilskin/Waxed Cotton – Oilskin cotton was originally used by sailors to keep out the wet weather. Today many garments including hats and caps are made from Oilskin and waxed cotton. See all oilskin hats.

    • Organic Raffia – Raffia palm leaves can grow to over eighty feet long, the longest leaves in the plant kingdom. The leaves are cut without harming the plant so they regrow which makes Raffia a renewable resource. Raffia palms don’t require fertilizers or pesticides so it is organic. Raffia is an extremely durable material and is excellent for making hats. The company’s selection of straw hats, hats made from raffia, a renewable resource, provide great sun protection and style. See all organic raffia hats.

    • Paper Straw – Conner Hats’ paper hats are coated with a non-toxic resin to keep them water resistant and strong. The thin strips of material are made by a machine but then each hat is braided into a new hat by skilled craftsmen and women. A Sewnbraid hat is first hand woven into strips and then sewn continuously to form the hat body and then steamed and blocked into a style. Some of the paper content is recycled and many styles are rated 50+ UPF and provide excellent sun protection. See all paper straw hats 


  • Mojave Boater Recycled Hat
    This hat will not fade or shrink and it floats Has a secret pocket and ventilation A chin cord will keep it secure and can be packed for travel...

  • Features

    • Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles
    • Won't Shrink or Fade
    • 3.25" Brim
    • 4.25" Crown Height
    • It Floats!
    • Will pack flat for travel
    • Chin Cord with Secure Toggle
    • Ventilated Crown
    • Organic Cotton Sweatband
    • Organic Cotton Inner Pouch with Care Instructions
    • Clip system to keep your hat secure
    • Inside labels made from recycled plastic
    • Handmade in Sri Lanka
  • Nathan Hemp Mesh Hiker Hat
    This mesh hiker hat is made from hemp which is extremely durable and has a great look. The mesh will keep you cool on hot days and makes for a light weight hat. The inner band is made from organic cotton. Has a chin cord for windy days....

  • Features

    • Made from Hemp
    • 2.5" Brim
    • 4.25" Crown Height
    • Chin Cord with Secure Toggle
    • Mesh Crown for Ventilation
    • Organic Cotton Sweatband
    • Organic Cotton Inner Pouch with Care Instructions
    • Handmade in Sri Lanka
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